Extra Mile
Bradley-Thompson Tool takes a very transparent approach to customer needs. Bradley-Thompson works with their customers to design the best solution to their machining needs.

Bradley-Thompson Tool does not have the ideal machine to produce our part. What will you do?
We understand that not all of our machinery is ideal for your specific application. We are willing to find the ideal machinery for your work. Utilizing our extensive knowledge, skilled machinists, and superior quality record, we will develop the optimum machining situation to suit your needs. There are some operations that may not be best suited for us, but, with our network of outside sources, we will find high quality, low cost solution to your need.
Most shops have similar hourly rates. How does Bradley-Thompson keep their rates so low?
We have cut the fat from our operation to keep our overhead much lower than our competition. We constantly work to keep our insurance premiums at a minimum, while maintaining a competitive benefits package for our employees. In addition, our skilled employees allow for the job to get done efficiently.

Our company has strict requirements for the way the part is processed. Can I count on Bradley-Thompson to meet our requirements?
Bradley-Thompson will work with the customer to design a machining a processing plan that they are comfortable with. We have done such things as building dedicated rooms to house different stages of cleaning and assembly. We have also re-organized machines to create a more efficient work cell.
My company is located quite a distance away from Bradley-Thompson Tool. Will you be able to respond to our needs that require face-to-face interaction?
Bradley-Thompson Tool is only a flight away. We frequently travel out of the country to provide necessary support to our customers. Whether it is training, discussing product lines, or other future endeavors, Bradley-Thompson Tool will be there with the right people when and where you need them.
Bradley-Thompson Tool is described as transparent. How so?
Whether it is setting up a webcam to view your work cell, discussing quotes in detail, or even breaking down hours, we will do what is necessary to give our customers the information they are looking for.
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